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Gujarat Skirt Limited Edition Yellow

Gujarat Skirt Limited Edition Yellow

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This gorgeous & exquisite gypsy Gujarat Embroidery Skirt has intricate & heavy hand embroidery embellished with glittering antique threads which are rare now these days.

Kutch embroidery skirt, done on pure cotton, uses fine stitches of wool thread to create detailed and intricate patterns. The color used is yellow. Then the embroidery is further beautified with mirrors, shells, and beads. Exclusively handcrafted in its country of origin, India

This embroidery with its rich designs has made a notable contribution to the Indian embroidery traditions and it is practiced normally by women.

Fragments of living history passed on from mother to daughter and developed as part of a very unique design from the desert tribes of Kutch, Gujarat.

The skirt is flowing and open, also long to accomodate many sizes and fits from EU 34 to 44.

Vintage Condition- Original sketch or print mark will show in some places. Some of the material on the have frayed or worn.This is an old Skirt and made by 1960's tribal people. Some of the mirrors and beads are cracked / burned or are missing.

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