The story of the brand

The Gypsy Truck is a reflection of myself. My aim was to create a brand that doesn’t follow fashion or trends, offering products designed for today’s woman regardless of age. A gypsy label that promotes limited edition drops, extraordinary one-of-a-kind designs, love for treasure-hunted vintage, antique and unique fabrics, expert craftsmanship, colourful prints and a quality of detail that is beyond comparison. Limited edition collections that bring never-before-seen designs to people who are tired of mass market luxury and long for elegant, special, high-end, colour-rich looks. Welcome to the Gypsy Truck.

All pieces are limited edition and only come in small quantities, so be fast!


When and how did Gypsy Truck start? How did you come up with the idea?

In September 2015 I was on holiday with a friend in Formentera and in the back of my mind I had this idea of launching a new project – I just didn’t know which kind yet. We went shopping and, for the first time, I didn’t find anything that I liked. I started to take notice of the products offered, prices and the types of customer and I felt something really different could be done to offer people a new shopping experience with original and exclusive clothing.

I have a small communications agency in Barcelona, Le Mod, and we work with fashion and gastronomy clients. I connected that idea I had in Formentera with the big success of food trucks in Barcelona, and immediately something came to  mind that I had seen in New York few years ago: a fashion truck parked in front of a restaurant. It had really impressed me. So I joined the pieces together and gave birth to the concept of the Gypsy Truck.

How did you go about making the dream of the Gypsy Truck a reality?

The most difficult part was finding the perfect truck. Eventually, I found it in Vilafranca del Penedés (Spain). From there, I selected the brands. It wasn’t difficult as I just designed my ideal closet on wheels! If the clothing didn’t inspire or excite me, it didn’t have a place in the truck. So I contacted some brands that fitted the bill and, most of the time, they immediately came on board.

What has been the biggest challenge and most rewarding moment of running Gypsy Truck?

The biggest challenge was making the dream come true: going from the initial concept to having it hit the road, and seeing people’s faces when they saw it. It drew so much attention: I had the feeling I was driving a Ferrari. People couldn’t believe their eyes!

Maybe the most rewarding thing for me has been pioneering this type of business in Spain. Not only was it unique here when I started it, I don't think that there were many others like it in Europe, either.

To add colour to the story I have a long list of anecdotes, especially related to the mechanics of a truck from the Sixties (!), but also stories from all the incredibly interesting people I have met because of it.

What is being a gypsy?

I connect the gypsy lifestyle with a profound love for what you do, respect, creativity, being present and living the life to the fullest. In my day to day life, I live the gypsy lifestyle by feeling free in every decision I make.

What would be the ideal gypsy trip for you?

My perfect gypsy journey would have the sea as the setting, ideally on board a sailboat. I would spend the day anchored on a deserted cove, swimming, reading, relaxing, drawing or writing, listening to an enveloping soundtrack. Eating simple, delicious, local food. And if possible, surrounded by the people I love.

Where do you live now?

I live in Barcelona. I love my city, it's a cosmopolitan city and full of life but at the same time it's small, which enables me to move around on my scooter and be anywhere in 5 minutes. I also adore the light and energy of Formentera, its beaches, and how free I feel when I'm there. Combining both is perfect.
I love traveling and my curiosity has taken me on some amazing adventures, but the truth is that I wouldn't live anywhere other than Barcelona and Formentera.    
Natalia. x