Collection: Dresses

Gypsy Truck dresses perfectly adapt to every style and occasion. With simple, one-size patterns, our dresses bring color to your life with their boho chic style and exclusive prints. Each garment features a unique combination of pattern and fabric, allowing you to escape from monotonous and boring designs, and wear our pieces in both relaxed settings and refined events. Our wide selection of fabrics with modern prints also allows us to create designs for all types of profiles, from those seeking a bold print to those with a more romantic-sophisticated style looking to add a different shine to their way of dressing. In this way, we can offer our customers unique fashion pieces that reflect their personality and style.

Why choose Gypsy Truck for your dresses?

Gypsy Truck was born from a passion for fashion and individuality, with the firm conviction to offer a unique alternative in the world of fashion, offering simple and fun products. Our goal is to free clothing from the confines of strict fashion trends and standards, and instead, advocate for creativity, craftsmanship, and exceptional quality with modern garments. We are the perfect choice for those who have a passion for vintage fabrics with retro style, who are looking for varied designs or want to find an exclusive piece of clothing for a special occasion.

We are committed to offering artisanal clothing, designed with a special focus and unmatched quality. Each of our pieces is carefully crafted with attention to detail, using traditional techniques and the highest quality materials. We pride ourselves on offering an authentic alternative for those who value individuality and quality in their wardrobe.

At our store, we believe that fashion should have no limits. We do not believe that age or body type should define your style, but that each person should have the freedom to express themselves through their way of dressing in a way that is truly authentic to them. That is why we offer a wide variety of dress styles, from casual options to more elegant designs, so that every customer can find the perfect dress that best suits their style and personality.

Our dresses are timeless, designed to withstand the passage of time and maintain their style and quality throughout your life. Each one is created with simple and unique details that set them apart from mass-produced garments found in large stores and wholesale outlets. We endorse and promote the use of local materials and a national handcrafted production process, to ensure that each garment has a positive impact on the community and the environment. When you shop at Gypsy Truck, you are not just purchasing our products, you are investing in quality, individuality, and sustainability.

What are Gypsy Truck dresses like?

Our priority is to combine style and comfort in our dresses, with a flowing Ibiza style. We use soft, high-quality materials that provide a feeling of comfort and freedom of movement, with garments made 100% from cotton. Additionally, our commitment to quality means you can always rely on us to find a durable garment with a flattering fit, which will become a staple in your wardrobe.

From more neutral tones to vibrant colors, our collection offers a diverse palette so you can express your unique style. We have a wide variety of prints, usually centered on floral shapes, with which you can always find inspiration to create spectacular looks and reflect your personality on every occasion.

As a brand, one of our goals is to provide an exclusive shopping experience tailored to each customer, ensuring they find the garment that reflects their style and personality. Our commitment to quality and authenticity motivates us to continue innovating while playing with the designs, always maintaining our distinctive identity and our passion for what we do.

Go beyond trends with Gypsy Truck

Fashion is much more than just a choice of garments or following current trends: it is a form of expression, a cultural manifestation, and a reflection of ourselves. Since the beginning, humans have used clothing and accessories to communicate their identity, social status, and belonging to certain groups or tribes. Throughout history, fashion has undergone constant evolution, influenced by factors as diverse as technology, politics, economics, and popular culture. This, coupled with the globalization in which society lives, leads millions of people to consume garments simply because they are offered in large stores, without considering their tastes. At Gypsy Truck, we want to revalue the individuality of fashion. We believe that each piece of clothing is unique and that each person brings a completely different value to it when they add it to their own style. We want you to escape from the traditional standards of fashion with our dresses, so you can feel comfortable and free.

For the design and production of our garments, I rely on five key points, which align completely with the brand's hippie style and serve as a guide and inspiration for our collections:

  1. Elegant minimalism: The use of dresses with clean lines, simple cuts, and elegant silhouettes. We have designs with flat colors or less busy prints, for those who seek a less flashy style.
  2. Bold prints: Still, we can't say that the basis of Gypsy Truck is centered on bold and eye-catching prints that stand out on fabrics more commonly used by major brands. From lush florals to geometric and graphic patterns, it is expected that dresses with vibrant prints will add a touch of fun and energy to the ensembles. 
  3. Retro influence: Retro fashion remains an important inspiration, with dresses that pay homage to various eras of the past. From the elegance of the 1920s to the bohemian style of the 1970s, we seek to create fresh and modern looks.
  4. Sustainability and conscious fashion: We have a commitment to local and artisanal trade, and all production begins from its sustainable materials and responsible manufacturing practices, which have also been a trend in recent years. Our customers seek environmentally friendly and transparent options regarding their supply chain.
  5. Versatility and functionality: Designs that can easily adapt to different occasions and lifestyles, that can be transformed or adapted in different ways to use them, and with practical details such as pockets.